Product management, UX design, and UX writing, sageusa.org

I led a total site replatform and redesign for SAGE, a nonprofit that advocates for and provides services to LGBT elders. Working with Experience Lab, I scoped, wireframed, developed content strategy, conducted user testing, wrote UX copy, and did hands-on production, among other tasks. Please refer to the captions in the expanded view for details on each image.

Revamped homepage

SAGE’s old homepage was cluttered, confusing, and difficult to navigate. Indistinguishable blocks of content combined with endless drop-down menus left users feeling overwhelmed. The new homepage, with its clear content hierarchy and distinct user pathways, is easier to navigate.

Overhauled landing pages

The previous iteration of the site had long blocks of text and difficult-to-navigate content. The new landing pages are bright and informative, with clear calls to action. 

Media outreach and public relations, SAGE

I led SAGE’s media coverage during June 2019’s NYCPride, WorldPride, and Stonewall 50 celebrations, garnering five times more brand exposure vs. average, four times more website traffic, a 665% increase in cross-platform social media impressions, and 834% growth in followers. Placements included CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, NBC Nightly News, Vice, People, Bloomberg, Mashable, and more.

Ghost-writing, Facebook Design: Business Tools

I interview product designers, design program managers, content strategists, user researchers, and others for this blog that explores the role business tool designers play in making the Internet a bit more beautiful. A selection follows:

Editing, Facebook Design: Business Tools

I also edit their work when they wish to write the posts themselves or when the format is Q&A. A selection follows:

Researched and reported writing

Copyediting, books and magazines

In additon to copyediting many magazines, I’ve edited, copyedited, or ghost-written nearly two dozen books.

Editorial writing, Mode.com


I wrote many articles for the now-defunct Mode.com website. I covered a diverse array of lifestyle content including music, sports, television, food, parenting, and fitness. A selection follows:

UX writing, Mode.com

I wrote clear, concise, jargon-free UX copy for the now-defunct Mode.com and Mode app. Please refer to the captions in the expanded view for details on each image.

Migration from standalone sites

When the standalone sites Glam.com, Foodie.com, Tend.com, Brash.com, and Bliss.com moved to be channels under the Mode.com umbrella, we wanted to assure users that they’d come to the right place and give them a tour of our new site.

Bookmarklet/Story Builder

The bookmarklet allows creators to pull content from the web into Mode stories. The original version was confusing and obtuse. We streamlined it, changing the language throughout. We christened it the Story Builder and used plain language to communicate its purpose to users.

Story Builder extension

About six months post-launch, we went from promoting a bookmarklet button to encouraging users to download the Mode Story Builder browser extension.

App Store download page

The copy on the five screens for the iTunes App Store is bright but explanatory, showing users what they’ll get when they download the app and encouraging them to do so.

App introduction

We introduce the app with this four-screen teaser of what users can expect to find. The copy is brief but enticing. It carries over the brand messaging that users saw on the iTunes download page.

Alerts and errors

A handful of the many callouts, alerts and error messages on the site.

Mode: Creator sign-up ads

In an effort to encourage writers and creators of all types to build stories on Mode, we created ads that appeared on Facebook. This is a selection of those ads, targeting different groups of people with different CTAs.

Creator sign-up page

Once the potential creators are hooked by the ads, we take them through an overview of what Mode.com is and what they can expect. We preemptively answer their questions, including what’s involved, how long it takes, and how much they can earn. See this page live.

Creator explainer page

This page is a detailed run-through of what, exactly, a Mode story is, as well as a step-by-step of how to create a top-notch story. See this page live.

User onboarding

We wanted to encourage users to create a feed so their homepages would be filled with their preferred topics and creators, not just our default channels and content.

Publish screens

At launch, users’ stories were immediately live after the first item was added. We found that users wanted more control over when their stories were live, so we created a Draft state and a Publish state (and the attendant workflow).

House ads

We created ads to encourage users to sign up and download our app, among others.

Search engine results page descriptions

Not sexy, but necessary: SERP descriptions. The text is informational, inviting and lively.

UX writing, Olive This Olive That

This store sells olive oils and balsamic vinegars in the Noe Valley neighborhood of San Francisco. I rewrote the About Us, About Extra Virgin Olive Oil and About Balsamic Vinegars sections of the site.